• Strong Tower Crossfit / Introduction Postcard

      Located in Cleveland, Ohio, Strong Tower CrossFit has a state-of-the-art facility and coaches that teach members how to use their body and real-world weights to create free, natural movement. A wonderful place to learn and inspire others. For all of you in the Cleveland area check out their about …

  • Whiskey River Market / Billboard

    Whiskey River Market– Sparta MO now has a drive-thru liquor store! When you’re on your way to catch some rays or drop a line in the lake, stop in to Whiskey River Market to pick up beverages and ice! Grab and go! Whiskey River Market‘s printed billboard custom design features …

  • CrossFit / Team GeriatRx

    Heart of America 5 (HOA5) Team GeriatRx knows that “Not everyone peaks in their twenties!” This custom design for the CrossFit Competition right here in the Ozarks features a funny sweating logo, distressed back tagline, and heat-press team names. T-shirts for the guys and tanks for the ladies.

  • CrossFit Provision / Sweat Angel T-Shirt

    Personally, the sweat angel and I are best friends so when it came to making a shirt that represented him I was naturally pretty excited! This one color screen print on the front and small one color logo on back for CrossFit Provision (my sweat angel’s box of choice) was …

  • Hubert Law / Branding Logo Design

    Hubert Law / Branding & Business Cards Custom logo design and sophisticated vertical business card design. Branding design incorporates simplistic icon with balanced symmetry. Services Used: Branding, Business Cards, Graphic Design, Logo Design, Tangible Marketing

  • Crossfit Springfield / Nutrition T-Shirt

    A team dedicated to lifting hard and eating healthy! CrossFit Springfield takes it to the next level with these Paleo-inspired t-shirts! This custom design promotes their program to help CrossFiters maximize their results and make the right food choices in order to meet their goals. Go CrossFit!

  • Optimal Health Consultant / Branding Logo Design

    Optimal Health Consultant: Logo Design “It is our mission to assist, inspire, and challenge each individual along their personal journey to take control of their health and therefore their life.  You will find this blog filled with practical information, tips, tricks and tools to help make it easier for you to reach …